How EBB & FLOW was founded

EBB & FLOW was founded by Susanne Nielsen, who has over 25 years of experience in international trade, marketing and concept development within the fashion and home accessories industry. Based in London for many years, she returned to Denmark in 2009, bringing with her a passion for interior design and the beauty found in different countries’ culture and craft tradition.

In 2008, Susanne first established the company under the name Who Found Otto ApS. The business idea was founded in the love of vintage and antique markets as well as the general trend of recycling and up-cycling. Part of the collection consisted of vintage glass and demijohns, and at a certain point in time the idea came along to place a light fitting and wire inside the demijohns, and thus they became lamps.

This became the starting point for EBB & FLOW. In 2012, the first lamp designs were developed, and the company changed its name to EBB & FLOW ApS in January 2013. Since then, the company has focused solely on exclusive and luxurious lighting.

Susanne is the Designer at EBB & FLOW, focusing on feminine design, organic shapes, classic materials and colours. Designs that encourage you to let your personality speak.