Made by hand in Europe

All EBB & FLOW products are handmade in Europe and hand-built and finished in Denmark.
A human process that creates high quality and unique products.

Our glass products are produced in Poland, crystal in the Czech Republic, metals in Italy,
and fabric lampshades in Poland.

Mouth-blown glass & crystal

Each lamp and bowl is produced by a person blowing into a blowpipe, using air to shape the glass and crystal.

This traditional method is carried out by people that have been doing their crafts for years. Each product has its own story to tell. Its own journey through European hands.

"We embrace traditional craftsmanship"

Hand-cut crystal

Once the crystal has been mouth-blown into its shape, our crystal cut designs are hand-painted onto the crystal lamp or bowl. These hand-drawings are the only guidelines for the cutter to follow with free hand. 

Lastly, the crystal is cut by hand. In free motion. Only following the hand-drawings of the cut design. We're proud to say that this method provides high quality and one-of-a-kind products.