The name EBB & FLOW

The term “ebb and flow” is often associated with the movement of water. The ebb and flow of water draining from and to the shore with the rise and fall of the tide.

The same movement is deeply rooted into our company. We never stand still and believe that we must constantly develop as a company and inspire the ways we decorate our homes.

There is a constant change and development in interior design and the ways we decorate our homes. We want to be a part of that movement and continue to give people a choice and a voice of personality, expressed through interior design.

We embrace nature in different way, and nature is a huge part of our design process. Our Founder and Designer, Susanne Nielsen, is often inspired by nature, both in terms of colours and organic curves and shapes, and by feeling creative through the surroundings of her own cottage-style garden. Nature clears your mind and lets it run free.