Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions of sale and delivery apply to any private customer purchase on ebbandflow.com and ebbandflow.dk of products designed, produced, sold, and delivered and operated and maintained by EBB & FLOW ApS, Duedal 70, DK-9230 Svenstrup J., Denmark, Company registration CVR 31777224. We ask you to carefully read the sales and delivery conditions before placing or confirming an order. The company languages are English and Danish. Any communication to EBB & FLOW must be in English or Danish for valid acceptance, responses and decisions.


You can place an order online 24 hours a day. We handle orders every day from Monday to Friday between 8.00 am and 3.00 pm. Orders placed during weekends or public holidays will be handled the next working day. 

Choose the items you wish to purchase and add them to your shopping cart. You are responsible for ensuring that your registered customer information is correct. Orders are valid once they have been confirmed by EBB & FLOW ApS. The sale will be acknowledged as final, and the order can then be processed if the products are in stock or be placed in our system for later delivery.

When you place an order, you will receive an order confirmation on the registered email. The final agreement is not concluded, until we email you an invoice, confirming that the order is binding. You will receive an email delivery notification, when we ship your order from our warehouse in Denmark. EBB & FLOW ApS reserves the right to refuse orders from customers that they deem not to be of a private customer nature or flawed in any way.

Prices & Shipment

All prices at ebbandflow.com and ebbandflow.dk are quoted in Euros (EUR) incl. Danish VAT. You can choose to set prices to your local currency upon your first visit to the store. Prices and VAT will then be updated in the check-out process and calculated to individual country VAT rate. Please bear in mind that VAT rates differ from country to country.

Our warehouse is in Denmark and orders will be shipped from Denmark.

For orders placed from outside the EU prices are without VAT and import duties. EBB & FLOW ApS does not cover VAT and import duties.

EBB & FLOW ApS pays for the shipment of your order, unless you want your item/s delivered to countries outside the options listed in the checkout process on the webshop.

For customers buying from United Kingdom, outside the EU, the shipment costs €25,00 Euro. Any re-delivery due to non-collection of your parcel at a post office or parcel delivery point, or if you are not present to receive your package at the agreed time, is at customer's own expense and responsibility.


Payment for purchases on the webshop can be made with the following types of payment:

  • Dankort
  • VisaDankort
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Mobilepay
  • Paypal
  • G Pay
  • Shop Pay

The amount is reserved when you place an order, but not withdrawn until the order is shipped. In case of custom items manufactured to order, we withdraw payment, when the production of your item(s) begins.

EBB & FLOW ApS does not charge any transaction fee. We email the final invoice immediately before delivery of the order, and a copy is enclosed with the parcel.

Force Majeure

Orders are accepted subject to force majeure. Strike or lock-out, damage caused by fire or water, machinery and power failure, national or international acts of war, pandemics, lack of supply of raw materials or other delivery problems etc. entitle us to reject the order in whole or in part or postpone delivery. EBB & FLOW ApS is not liable for any delays or breach of contract that are due to force majeure.


Variations in our products are not to be considered defects. Colour deviations, minor air bubbles and variations in form and thickness of hand-crafted products are not considered to be defects. Wear and tear due to normal everyday use on textile and surfaces etc. is not considered a defect. See below for a thorough explanation of our product terms:


Air bubbles may appear in the glass because it is mouth-blown. The shapes are literally formed with the craftsmen’s breath into a mould. Air bubbles are part of the charm and imperfections of a mouth-blown piece and adds character to each product. Air bubbles in size 1-5mm are not accepted as a fault unless there are several in the same area. Air bubbles over 5mm can be considered a claim depending on position. Subtle variations in the thickness and weight of our products are another part of the charm of mouth-blown pieces.


All crystal products are cut by hand according to our instructions and with the expertise of the master cutter at the production facility.


Our crystal is lead-free. Crystal lamps are mouth-blown and hand-cut as well. Weight of the lamps may vary due to the thickness of the final product.

Colour / Hand-painted     

Any colour sample of glass, crystal, textile and other material used in the EBB & FLOW ApS portfolio can only be considered a guide. EBB & FLOW ApS cannot be held responsible for any differences between the sample and the delivered products. Nor can EBB & FLOW ApS be held responsible for any differences between images in official printed material, at ebbandflow.com or our own operated social media channels. Each piece is colour-decorated by hand. We strive to produce the same colour expression.

Fabric lampshades                   

All EBB & FLOW fabric lampshades are handmade. The fabrics used for the lampshades are all high quality furniture fabrics and each textile cut is unique. The fabrics may have natural inequalities that on occasion can be visible and cause for patterns to not line up 100% at the seam. This is not considered a fault. Wear and tear due to normal everyday exposure is not considered a defect.


All lamps are hand-built, assembled and completed in Denmark.


Final QC is performed before shipment of order.


Always follow your local authority guidelines for installation of our lamps. We do not instruct how-to, rather we encourage to consult with a local qualified electrician.


We do not cover customer modified products for any claim. Fact sheets are available upon request.

Care & Cleaning

Always follow guidelines that come with your order. We do not cover clear violation of our guidelines for care and cleaning. Care and cleaning instructions are available and accompanying every product. 

We take every possible effort to ensure that our glass and crystal products are packaged securely, and orders should be checked upon arrival. Should any product arrive broken or faulty, the private customer must report this via email to EBB & FLOW ApS within 14 days. The claim must state invoice number, description and images of claim. The claim will otherwise be inadmissible. Any complaints received later than this date cannot be considered a claim unless it is a question of manufacturing defects as stated in the Danish Purchasing act. (Købeloven) In case of a manufacturing defect, EBB & FLOW ApS may choose to credit the purchase price, repair or replace the products. A repaired or replaced product may differ to some extent from the original product in appearance. See section about Tolerances. EBB & FLOW ApS does not cover the return transportation costs, costs for dismantling, nor re-assembling of the old product, or other costs associated with remediation. The buyer is not entitled to cancel the order or demand a proportionate discount without the consent of EBB & FLOW ApS. The customer is not entitled to make financial claims against EBB & FLOW ApS in cases of non-conformity.

Right of complaint

EBB & FLOW ApS provides a 2-year right to complain in accordance with the rules of the Danish Purchasing Act. The right of complaint is valid from the date of the original invoice. The right to complain does not apply in the following situations:

  • If the product has been improperly stored, assembled or installed wrongly
  • If the product has been abused or misused
  • If the product has been altered or modified in any way
  • If the product has not been cleaned according to instructions
  • Damage due to normal wear and tear, cuts and scratches, or damage caused by impact or accidents
  • Discolouring, change of colour etc. caused by means that have a material changing effect such as sun light, cleaning detergents etc.
  • Imperfections of minor character which do not have any substantial effect on the appearance of the product
  • If the product has been placed outdoors or in a humid environment (Except IP44 products),
  • Expected natural aging process of the product
  • In cases of consequential or incidental damage.


Products can only be returned after written consent by EBB & FLOW ApS.

Returning the product and costs of return

Please follow the instruction on the written consent form provided by EBB & FLOW ApS: Returns MUST only be shipped using UPS for international customers, and GLS for customers based in Denmark, and must be addressed specifically to our warehouse address, and not a collection point or post office. In case a parcel is delivered to a collection point or post office it will not be collected and therefore the claim will be void. The parcel(s) will be returned to sender if this is not adhered to. Return address: EBB & FLOW, c / o JMC, Loekkensvej 126, 9800 Hjorring, Denmark, info@ebbandflow.dk, +45 98163488. The return parcel must include a print of the written consent email from EBB & FLOW ApS and original invoice from our customer service. You must return the product without unnecessary delay - and within 14 days after you have notified us that you wish to revoke your purchase. The deadline is met if you send back the products before the period of 14 days has expired.

Product Liability

EBB & FLOW ApS can only be held responsible for any material damage caused by its products, if it can be proven that such damage is due to negligence on the part of EBB & FLOW ApS or of its employees. EBB & FLOW ApS can in no way be held responsible for business interruption, operational losses, losses resulting from delays, loss of profit and other similar indirect losses and/or financial consequences arising from such damage.


If EBB & FLOW ApS is deemed to be liable towards the customer, such liability shall be restricted as set out in these sales procedures. Furthermore, EBB & FLOW ApS shall not be liable for business interruption, operational losses, losses resulting from delays, loss of profit and other similar indirect losses and/or financial consequences.


EBB & FLOW is recorded in the Register of European Union trademarks, certificate no. 018300886 and may only be used with prior permission from EBB & FLOW ApS.

Choice of law and arbitration

These Sales and Delivery Terms shall be construed and enforced according to the laws of the Kingdom of Denmark and any dispute under this agreement must be brought in this venue and no other.

All Rights Reserved.

EBB & FLOW ApS is not responsible for any printing errors and price changes. EBB & FLOW ApS reserves the right to make changes or to terminate the manufacture of any model without prior notice. We value your continued dedication to our brand and products and look forward to continuing our co-operation with you.