Set the Mood

The bedroom is where you start and end your day. A place to recharge and relax. We understand the importance of decorative lighting that can ease your mind and be suitable for the bedroom. Whether you want to hang a pendant, wall lamp, surface lamp, or place a sculptural table lamp, our collection offers just that. A wide range of colours and sizes to choose from. Mixing different materials creates an exquisite, even magical effect on the room. Find them in our lamp collection of glass, crystal, brass, and fabrics. All to match each other.

What to look for and remember

When choosing lighting for your bedroom, consider the material, colour, position, and most importantly, your own personal taste. Consider installing a large fabric lampshade, as a central focal point in the room.

The interior designer's tip

Soften the Light: Avoid sharp, cold light in the bedroom. Instead, go for light sources that provide soft, muted light, such as lamps with shades made of fabric. This creates a more calming and pleasant atmosphere.

Include Bedside Lamps: Bedside lamps are not only
practical for reading or other bedtime activities, they also add a warm and cozy element to the bedroom. Choose lamps with dimmable bulbs or built-in
dimmers to adjust the light as needed.

Indirect Lighting: Consider integrating indirect lighting in the form of LED strip lights behind the headboard or along the wall. This creates a subtle background illumination that contributes to a more relaxing atmosphere in the room.

Consider establishing zones in your bedroom by dividing it into functional areas, such as a reading nook or makeup station, and using distinct lighting for each zone. Go for stylish fixtures that not only serve their purpose but also enhance your décor. Choose fixtures that complement your interior design and elevate the aesthetic appeal of the room.

Wall Lamps

Wall lamps positioned at the headboard of the bed can significantly contribute to relaxation with their calm expression. They are also space-saving, as the bedside table does not need to be kept clear for a lamp.

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Table Lamps

As a creative element, floor and table lamps, in combination with our lampshades, offer an alternative to wall or pendant lamps. In other areas of the bedroom, such as on the nightstand, table lamps provide atmospheric extra lighting and can, depending on the model, be an exciting focal point.

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Experience the versatility and elegance of our lampshades, crafted to transform any space with style and functionality. Our design goes beyond mere aesthetics - it's a manifestation of our commitment to delivering premium quality and innovation to our customers. With our unique design concept, our lampshades can be easily adapted to fit table lamps or hang freely as pendant lamps in their own right. This allows you to create the perfect lighting, regardless of the room layout or your personal preferences. Thanks to our standard measurements, our lampshades fit most table lamp bases, making it easy to upgrade your lighting without hassle.

Every year, we carefully curate textiles from renowned European design houses, and with bi-annual launches of new collections, our range is always fresh and inspiring. From classic patterns to modern colours and textures, our lampshades are designed to match any interior style and add a touch of luxury to any room. To accommodate different needs, our lampshades come in multiple sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your space. Our lampshades are the ultimate choice for those seeking style, quality, and versatility in their lighting. 

All fabric lampshades are made by hand.


Regardless of whether your choice is modern minimalism, rustic charm, or classic elegance, we offer the ideal pendant lamp design for your taste. Ranging from sleek and streamlined silhouettes to beautifully organic shapes, our lamps will infuse your bedroom with a touch of personality.

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