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At EBB & FLOW we understand that 3D files are incredibly important for interior designers due to the numerous benefits they offer in the design and visualization process when working on a project.

The EBB & FLOW Portfolio is now available as 3D files.

Simply check out our newly added 3D files on under 'For Professionals' - a great tool for completing your projects.

Or you can follow the link below and dive right into the section.
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Design by Susanne Nielsen
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A collection of light

Discover our diverse collection of decorative lighting, offering designs, colors, and sizes for every room in your home.

Unleash your creativity with our Mix & Match concept, designing your own lamp to add a personal touch.

Experience the artistry of handmade lighting, crafted by skilled artisans for a unique and authentic look. Illuminate your living spaces with statement chandeliers, elegant pendants, sleek floor lamps, and stylish table lamps.

Transform your home into a haven of style and ambiance with our carefully curated selection.
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Elevate your shopping experience by selecting your favorites straight from our immersive lifestyle images — a realm of inspiration tailored exclusively for you.
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Handmade in Europe

Immerse yourself in the exquisite world of EBB & FLOW, where every piece is meticulously crafted in Europe.

We specialize in decorative lighting and crystal bowls, all made from mouth-blown glass and crystal. Our artisans hand-cut the crystal, hand-decorate the glass, and skillfully sew fabric lampshades, ensuring exceptional quality.

With an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, we embrace every intricate detail.

Each EBB & FLOW product is lovingly hand-built and finished in Denmark, resulting in high-quality and truly unique pieces.

Experience the beauty of our handmade creations that exemplify the essence of artistry and passion.
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Rowan Pendant lamp M Topaz blue

€ 219
LA101756 LA101756-X1

Rowan Pendant lamp XL Chestnut brown

€ 499

Rowan Pendant lamp M Golden smoke

€ 219

Horizon Pendant lamp M Obsidian

€ 269

Horizon Pendant lamp S Chestnut brown

€ 199

Rowan Pendant lamp XL Golden smoke

€ 499

Rowan Pendant lamp L Obsidian

€ 329

Futura Pendant lamp S Golden smoke

€ 299

Horizon Pendant lamp L Obsidian

€ 399

Horizon Pendant lamp L Smokey grey

€ 399

Rowan Pendant lamp M Clear

€ 219

Rowan Pendant lamp M Bright coral

€ 219

Horizon Pendant lamp S Golden smoke

€ 199

Rowan Crystal pendant lamp S Medium check

€ 269

Horizon Pendant lamp M Chestnut brown

€ 269

Horizon Pendant lamp M Ivy green

€ 269

Horizon Pendant lamp XL Bright coral

€ 539

Horizon Pendant lamp L Bright coral

€ 399

Horizon Pendant lamp M Chameleon

€ 269

Horizon Pendant lamp M Clear

€ 269

Rowan Pendant lamp L Forest green

€ 329

Lute Pendant lamp S Chameleon Gold

€ 299

Rowan Pendant lamp M Obsidian Copper stripes

€ 230

Futura Pendant lamp S Forest green

€ 299