Your guide to bedroom lighting

Your bedroom is where you start and end your day. A place to recharge and relax.
There are multiple ways to add decorative lamps to your bedroom.

All our lamps are suitable for your bedroom, whether you want to hang a pendant, wall lamp, surface lamp, or add a statement table lamp. 

Using at least two different types of lamps in your bedroom creates a balance and adds both a decorative and functional touch. We recommend having a lamp next to your bed and a ceiling lamp in the middle of the room.

Which lamps should I choose?
You can either place a pendant, wall lamp, surface lamp, or a sculptural table lamp next to your bed. 

Our table lamps with fabric lampshades are the perfect choice for adding personality and warmth into a room. With a wide selection of colours and prints, this type of lamp is highly decorative. 

Playing around with different materials can really have an exquisite effect on the room. If you choose a glass or crystal pendant to hang next to your bed, you should consider a fabric lampshade to hang in the middle of the room and vice versa.


Fabric lampshade Rosyta Darkest green G Rosyta Darkest green

€ 339

Fabric lampshade Rosyta Palejade C Rosyta Palejade

€ 219

Lute Pendant lamp M Clear Copper

€ 479